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AirPods 2 drop back to their lowest price ever


AirPods 2 with box on desk
Now is a great time to get those AirPods you’ve been thinking about.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

You can get one of Apple’s best products ever for under $100. That’s how how low AirPods 2 have just dropped — $60 below their usual price for these wildly popular in-ear headphones.

Or you can also save a nice chunk of change on AirPods Pro.

Trailer for Apple TV+ Prehistoric Planet dinosaur documentary looks stunning


Trailer for Apple TV+ ‘Prehistoric Planet’ dinosaur documentary looks stunning
The five-episode Prehistoric Planet dinosaur documentary will premiere on Apple TV+ in late May.
Graphic: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ on Monday gave the first glimpse at Prehistoric Planet, its highly anticipated series of documentaries focusing on dinosaurs and other ancient animals. It’ll be narrated by Sir David Attenborough, and produced by Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton.

The eye-popping trailer shows off the series’ photorealistic visual effects from MPC (The Lion King, The Jungle Book).

Hefty iPhone 14 Pro Max camera hump could nearly double its thickness


Hefty iPhone 14 Pro Max camera hump could nearly double its thickness
The iPhone 14 Pro Max could end up much thicker than its predecessor.
CAD drawing: ShrimpApplePro

A previous leak had already indicated that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will have a sizable hump, but new specs show the entire device is going to be… well, huge. But it’s all supposedly part of a significant improvement in camera specs.

These leaked specs also reveal other iPhone 14 Pro Max details, like the size and positioning of the new “hole and pill” design allegedly replacing the notch.

12 reasons to love the iPad on its 12th birthday


12 reasons to love the iPad on its 12th birthday
There are so many reason to love the iPad — here are 12 of them.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac/Dan Prado/Pexels license

Apple launched the iPad in stores exactly 12 years ago today, and the device has evolved enormously since then, in both capabilities and hardware. Today’s devices can do so much more than their forbearers. Tablets have lived up to Steve Jobs’ vision … and exceeded it.

Here are a dozen reasons to love what Apple’s tablet has become.

iOS update fails to deliver promised iPhone battery improvement


iOS update does not deliver promised iPhone battery improvement
While some iPhone models saw an increase in battery life with iOS 15.4.1, most did not.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Benchmark testing of nine different iPhone models shows that less than half of them experienced any improvement to battery life from the recent iOS 15.4.1 update, despite Apple describing that as a major feature of the new version. More of the handsets saw a decrease instead.

On the devices affected, the drop in battery life is generally small, but it’s nevertheless likely to leave some iPhone users holding off on the update. Which is unfortunate, as iOS 15.4.1 also closes a security hole that Apple says has been actively exploited.

Apple just can’t give up the iPhone notch


iphone 12 without notch
Tipsters agree, an iPhone without a notch is on Apple’s drawing board. But not as soon as we might like.
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

The good news is that Apple will bring in-display Face ID to the iPhone, finally eliminating the distinctive “notch” at the top of the touchscreen. The bad news is that it’s reportedly not happening as soon as possible.

This means we’re still years away from an iPhone with a truly edge-to-edge display.

Today in Apple history: ‘Magical’ first iPad debuts in stores


The long wait was finally over. iPad 1 had arrived.
On launch day, people were very excited about the first iPad.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

April 3, 2010: Today in Apple history: ‘Magical’ first iPad debuts in stores April 3, 2010: The first iPad hits store shelves after months of anticipation. The tablet Apple CEO Steve Jobs had called “magical and revolutionary” at its unveiling earlier in the year quickly becomes a major success.

Jobs initially showed off Apple’s first tablet on January 27. And there had been rumors long before then. But the wait for the iPad is finally over … at least for people in the United States. The iPad’s international debut won’t happen until May.

How to get the latest HomePod software update


How to reset HomePod and HomePod mini
Here’s how to be sure you have the latest HomePod software update. Or stop your smart speaker from updating.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Your HomePod is a lot more than a simple speaker — it’s a whole computer. And like any computer it has an operating system that needs occasional updates.

Here’s how to make sure your Apple smart speaker has the latest software version. That’s especially important now, as the most-recent update fixes a vexing HomeKit problem.

Don’t fall for these clever April Fools’ Day jokes


Don’t fall for these clever April Fools’ Day jokes
You’d surely run out to spend $500 on the tvTV for Apple TV if it weren’t April Fools’ Day.
Photo: Twelve South

Many companies just can’t resist April Fools’ Day jokes. Some people find these exasperating, but others enjoy the lighthearted humor. This year, we got a ridiculous new Apple TV accessory, what’s perhaps the most tasteless way to wear an AirTag, and more.

Read on for our favorite gags to celebrate this unusual holiday.