Samsung slips up with another tweet from iPhone

Samsung slips up with another tweet from iPhone


Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Oops! They did it again!
Photo: Samsung

Samsung has been caught tweeting from an iPhone … again.

The South Korean company used an Apple device to publish a message promoting the Galaxy Note 9’s edge-to-edge display. The monumental gaffe led to the temporary but complete deactivation of the Samsung Mobile Nigeria account.

We’ve lost count of the amount of times a celebrity, who is paid to promote a certain brand, does so using a device made by its rival. And more often than not, the device they use is an iPhone. But we expect better from those brands themselves.

It was pretty surprising to see Samsung Mobile Nigeria tweet about the Note 9 using an iPhone, then.

Designed by Apple. Used by Samsung.

“Enjoy stunning cinematic experience on the Galaxy Note 9’s Super AMOLED Infinity Display,” reads the tweet, published “via Twitter for iPhone.”

Soon after the slip-up was spotted by prominent YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), the tweet was removed and the entire @samsungmobileng account was deactivated for some time. It has since returned, but of course, the tweet is missing.

Samsung tweet from iPhone
“Via Twitter for iPhone.”
Photo: Samsung

This isn’t the first time Samsung has suffered this particular gaffe. Its official Twitter account for Saudi Arabia made the same mistake — using an iPhone to tweet about the Galaxy Note 9.

It’s not entirely Samsung’s fault that these mistakes happen. The company employs third-party marketing firms to manage many of its social media accounts. However, it probably could do a better job of ensuring they use a Samsung device when doing so.