Vimeo now shows stunning HDR videos on iPhone X

Vimeo now shows stunning HDR videos on iPhone X


Vimeo HDR
Vimeo looks better than ever.
Photo: Vimeo

Vimeo’s fight to keep up with YouTube means exciting new improvements for its fans. The service just added support for super-sharp 8K content and HDR video. iPhone X owners will be able to enjoy the latter on their Super Retina HD displays.

Vimeo content creators who shoot in HDR can now upload their videos to the service, and their efforts will be displayed on supported devices. Those include the iPhone X, Apple TV 4K, and the latest iPad Pros.

And if HDR wasn’t enough, Vimeo now supports 10-bit video, which means that instead of showing 16 million colors, it now shows 1 billion. Wider color gamuts are now available as a result, so Vimeo can “truly depict your deepest reds, brightest greens, and darkest blacks like never before.”

Vimeo has also added support for 8K content. That’s four times as sharp as 4K, but of course, you’ll need an 8K display and a PC that’s powerful enough to show it. Those aren’t easy or affordable to come by right now.