Caviar Cyberphone takes it designs cues from Tesla's electric truck

Tesla’s Cybertruck design looks better on an iPhone


iphone that looks like Cybertruck
What are the chances Elon Musk will have one on order by the end of the day?
Photo: Caviar

Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck was laughed at by critics for its angular, alien look. But the futuristic design may win more style points on an iPhone.

Russian luxury jeweler Caviar is showing off its latest mod job, a titanium iPhone 11 Pro inspired by Musk’s prototype of an electric truck unveiled in December.

The muse and the Cyberphone share the same sharp-cut corners and bold lines. Its most interesting feature may be a metal plate that covers the iPhone screen and folds behind the handset to form a stand.

custom iPhone from Caviar has a cover that converts to stand
Apple should borrow this feature from Caviar.
Screenshot: Caviar/YouTube

Caviar Cyberphone joins a distinguished lineup

Like Musk, Caviar enjoys a good headline. Each new custom iPhone seems to get the attention of several tech news sites, including this one. The phones come with an Oligarch’s pricetag and embellishments that would make the eyes of a minimalist designer bleed. Caviar spares no expense on gold-plating, rare gems and expensive diamonds.

The brand routinely pledges fealty to Russian president Vladimir Putin with gold phones that feature his stony gaze.

Last year, Caviar released designs with fragments of history, including little bits of historic Russian space ships, the Titanic, boxing gloves from famous fights and even a tiny square of a black turtleneck sweater worn by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Caviar is not afraid to charge tens of thousands of dollars for its more unique customized iPhones. One of its first custom iPhone 11 Pro models tricked out with a half-kilo of gold, a tourbillon watch on the backplate and a sprinkling of 137 diamonds. That and a yellow diamond on the watch face set the price at $70,000.

Caviar mod job made to look like Cybertruck
The Cyberphone mod pushes form factor a little.
Photo: Caviar

The company is not bashful about prices, but the Cyberphone listing on the Caviar website does not advertise a price. Interested buyers can get the price on request (send me a note on the price when you order yours).