Killian Bell, author at Cult of Mac

Stylish MagWallet keeps cards attached to iPhone, costs a lot less than Apple’s


SwitchEasy MagWallet for iPhone
Slim, attractive, and just $34.99.
Photo: SwitchEasy

SwitchEasy’s new MagWallet carries up to two credit cards and snaps onto the bag of your iPhone so that it’s always with you. It’s a lot like Apple’s MagSafe Wallet, only considerably more affordable.

The MagWallet’s stylish design is available in three attractive color options, all made from genuine leather. Bag one from the Cult of Mac Store today for just $34.99.

Elon Musk splashes $3 billion to become Twitter’s largest shareholder


Elon Musk spends $3 billion on Twitter
What's next for Musk and Twitter?
Image: Elon Musk/Twitter/Cult of Mac

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has acquired a 9% stake in Twitter worth almost $3 billion. The purchase, revealed in a recent regulatory filing, gets Musk a whopping 73,486,938 shares in the popular social media platform.

Despite being described as a passive investment, one analyst believes the move is “just the start” of Musk’s involvement with Twitter.

Oops! Microsoft scraps embarrassing tweet that featured an M1 iMac


Microsoft tweet features M1 iMac
That's unfortunate.
Image: Twitter

There’s one thing you don’t do if you’re on Microsoft’s social media team, and that’s promote Apple products. It seems at least one person forgot that last week when they posted a tweet featuring an image of the M1 iMac.

The post, which was removed after a few hours, was about cleaning Windows machines “safely and smoothly.” Microsoft should know better than anyone that it’s not even possible to run Windows natively on M1 Mac models.

Apple now sells 14- and 16-inch MacBook refurbs with big discounts


Apple preps subscription service for iPhone, Mac and more
But Amazon is still cheaper.
Photo: Apple

Refurbished versions of the newest MacBook Pro models are now available to purchase from the Apple Store online. Both 14- and 16-inch units are available with M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and customers can save up to $350.

This is the first time refurbs of these machines have been made available by Apple since they made their debut last year. But if it’s a bargain you’re after, you’re likely to find a better deal elsewhere.

Laut’s stylish aluminum stands cradle your Apple devices in style


Laut stand for iPhone
And they're more affordable than you might think!
Photo: Laut

If you’re looking for a clean way to charge your beloved Apple Watch, or somewhere to place your iPhone so that it’s easy to see while you’re working, check out these elegant, super-sturdy stands from Laut.

They’re made from robust, anodized aluminum and designed to look good anywhere. They’re also available in a range of color options to match your Apple devices.

Roblox sides with Apple in App Store battle against Epic Games


Roblox has a good relationship with Apple it wouldn't want to ruin.
Image: Roblox

It would appear that large sections of the developer community are firmly behind Epic Games in its battle for a fairer, more open App Store. But not Roblox, which believes Apple’s strict controls enhance safety and security.

The online game platform, which calls itself a metaverse company and boasts almost 55 million daily active users, said in a legal filing this week that the App Store review process adds “greater legitimacy in the eyes of users.”

Apple ‘actively testing’ 9-inch foldable, but don’t expect foldable iPhone before 2025


Apple tests 9-inch foldable
Could Apple's first foldable be a lot like the Galaxy Fold?
Photo: Matt Baumeister/Unsplash

Apple is “actively testing” a 9-inch foldable device, but it won’t be taking on Samsung with a foldable iPhone until 2025 at the earliest, one analyst claims.

The company’s “priority order” for foldables is said to be medium, large and then small devices. Its current prototype is being used to test new technologies and may not be indicative of an upcoming product.

Modded Android phone steals iPhone’s Lightning port


First Android phone with Lightning port
Why? Why not?
Photo: Ken Pillonel

This Samsung Galaxy A51 is almost certainly the only Android phone in the world that uses a Lightning port. That’s thanks to engineer Ken Pillonel, who hacked the handset to use Apple’s connector instead of USB-C.

The port is fully functional, with support for charging and data transfer — despite the fact that Apple designs its cables to work only with its own devices. Why go through all that effort? Well … why not?

Apple teams up with LG to build foldable iPad and MacBook devices


An iPhone concept shows a realistic folding iPhone design
Just don't expect to see one any time soon.
Image: ConceptsiPhone

Apple is said to be collaborating with LG on new foldable iPad and MacBook models with flexible OLED displays. LG is already gearing up to supply similar displays to HP for a foldable laptop scheduled to launch this year.

The report corroborates earlier claims from one display analyst, who claims Apple is exploring foldable/rollable display technologies for future devices. It warned, however, that a foldable iPhone won’t come until 2025 at the earliest.