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12 reasons to love the iPad on its 12th birthday


12 reasons to love the iPad on its 12th birthday
There are so many reason to love the iPad — here are 12 of them.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac/Dan Prado/Pexels license

Apple launched the iPad in stores exactly 12 years ago today, and the device has evolved enormously since then, in both capabilities and hardware. Today’s devices can do so much more than their forbearers. Tablets have lived up to Steve Jobs’ vision … and exceeded it.

Here are a dozen reasons to love what Apple’s tablet has become.

Is it OK to use a Mac mini as a stand for your display? [Setups]


Is it OK to rest your display on top of your Mac mini?
Is it OK to rest your display on top of your Mac mini?
Photo: techsteveo@Reddit.com

We’ve written about storing a Mac mini in an upright rather than a flat position to save space. It’s OK to do if the machine’s intake and exhaust vents are not blocked. But what about using your Mac mini as a stand for a display, as in today’s featured computer setup?

It’s not necessarily quite as cut-and-dried as the upright mini question. Whether it’s totally fine or a little risky depends a little more on the specific Mac mini and the kind of monitor you use.

iPad Air 5 is every bit as fast as iPad Pro


iPad Air 5 has the same performance as fast as iPad Pro
iPad Pro does not have better performance than iPad Air 5.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Early benchmark scores for the soon-to-be-released iPad Air 5 show the tablet has approximately the same performance as the iPad Pro models that cost much more.

That’s not a surprise considering the new Air has the same M1 processor as the Pro.

Why iPad Air 5 is a better choice than 11-inch iPad Pro


Why iPad Air 5 is a better choice than 11-inch iPad Pro
These two tablets are almost identical in most important ways. But one costs $200 more.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Apple M1 processor inside the newly announced iPad Air 5 makes the tablet as powerful as the similarly sized iPad Pro. Given the price difference, the new Air is a better option for most people.

The iPad Pro has advantages. And it’s still the right device for some folks. But think hard before putting down an extra $200 that might be unnecessary. Here’s why the iPad Air 5, which Apple unveiled during Tuesday’s Peek Performance event,

You’ll need to upgrade your iPad Air to use it with Apple Studio Display


Here's why devices are officially compatible with Studio Display.
Photo: Apple

It requires a lot of bandwidth to drive the super-sharp 5K screen in Apple’s new Studio Display, and some devices just don’t cut it. Those hoping to use one with iPad Air will be disappointed to learn that a big upgrade is necessary.

Studio Display is only compatible with the fifth-generation iPad Air, announced during Apple’s big Peek Performance event on Tuesday. The fourth-generation model, released in October 2020, is left out in the cold — like iPad mini.

How to quickly and easily fix common Apple Pencil problems


There's almost always an easy fix.
Photo: Daniel Korpai

Just like any other electronic gadget, Apple Pencil can sometimes experience issues that prevent it from working as intended. The good news is that it’s quick and easy to fix almost any Apple Pencil problem.

Try these simple tricks to eliminate connectivity problems, stuttering and more when your Apple Pencil starts acting up.

How to choose the right iPad for you


How to choose the right iPad for you
iPad options range from the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to the 8.3-inch iPad mini.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Shopping for an iPad can be overwhelming. Apple sells five iPad models in a wide range of sizes and capabilities. Each tablet has its strengths and weaknesses. You don’t want to get one that doesn’t have all the features you want, but you also don’t want to pay too much for features you won’t use.

Here’s some straightforward advice on picking the right iPad for you.

Protect your iPad Pro with Nomad’s new leather case and folio


Nomad's new case and folio offers premium leather options to protect your iPad Pro without bulk.
Nomad's new case and folio offer premium leather options to protect your iPad Pro without bulk. (Pictured: folio).
Photo: Nomad

If you’d like a change from plastic or silicone cases for your iPad Pro, you have a new option. Accessories maker Nomad rolled out two new premium leather products Wednesday, the Modern Leather Case and the Modern Leather Folio. Depending on how you feel about leather, you may find they offer a touch of class without much bulk.

Both products feature full-grain leather. Their slim design offers protection mainly because of specs like a raised TPE bumper and a polycarbonate layer.

Chip shortages cripple iPad shipments


iPadOS 15 split-view multitasking
The global chip shortage hit Apple in the iPads last quarter.
Screenshot: Apple

The lone dark spot in Apple’s otherwise bright Q4 earnings report was iPad. And analysts are out with their estimates of how bad the damage was, with Apple’s quarterly tablet shipments possibly dropping as much as 21% year over year.

The only good news for Apple is that the drop off wasn‘t because of low demand. It couldn’t get the necessary parts to make sufficient devices to meet demand.

iPad Pro case provides slimline protection and a home for Apple Pencil — save 20%


Laut Huex Folio for iPad
All-around protection that won't let you down.
Photo: Laut

Want to protect your 11-inch iPad Pro or fourth-generation iPad Air without doubling its size? Check out the new Huex Folio from Laut, which offers a slimline design that includes a screen cover and a home for Apple Pencil.

Bag yours from the Cult of Mac Store with a 20% discount for a limited time.