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Don’t Start Over – Tell Siri To Change That Date, Time Or Message [iOS Tips]


Siri, go die in a fire, ok?
Siri, go die in a fire, ok?

Seriously, if I have to start over from scratch one more time when I try and use Siri to send a Tweet or book an appointment, I may just give up using Apple’s much-touted personal digital assistant altogether.

As it is, I tend to skip trying to use Siri other than as a glorified app launcher and I use the built-in dictation instead from within the Messages, Twitter, or Calendar apps.

But that was before I found out that you can just tell Siri to change whatever it is she’s not getting.

Let’s try this out with a reminder. Press and hold the Home button to bring Siri up, and ask her to create a reminder. “Remind me to take out the trash next Tuesday at 8 pm,” you might say.

Then you remember, oops, you need that to be an 8 am reminder. Instead of just canceling out and starting again, you can simply say, “change the time,” and Siri will only correct that portion of the Reminder. Try it: “Change the time to 8 am.”

Siri will make the change, and then ask you to confirm it. This is a heck of a frustration saver.

You can do the same with a calendar item, one of my least favorite things to create with Siri. “Lunch next Wednesday with Margaret,” invariably leads to some weird calendar item that barely meets any of the requirements. Instead of canceling out and chucking my iPhone down on the couch in disgust, I simply say, “change the date” and have Siri make the lunch date for the day I specified. Such genius!

Now at least you can more intelligently change the bits of your events and reminders, honing in on the thing that’s incorrect, rather than throwing out that poor baby with the bathwater.

Via: Gotta Be Mobile