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AirPods 2 drop back to their lowest price ever


AirPods 2 with box on desk
Now is a great time to get those AirPods you’ve been thinking about.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

You can get one of Apple’s best products ever for under $100. That’s how how low AirPods 2 have just dropped — $60 below their usual price for these wildly popular in-ear headphones.

Or you can also save a nice chunk of change on AirPods Pro.

Apple should build ‘Find My’ into everything it makes


Apple should build ‘Find My’ into everything it makes
We should be able to locate every type of Apple accessory with Find My.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

I’ve misplaced my AirPods case. It’s in my house … somewhere. Fortunately, I can use the Find My app to locate it, as though it were a lost AirPod or AirTag.

Ha, ha, ha! No, I can’t. AirPods cases don’t offer Find My support. Just as the feature is missing from far too many other Apple accessories.

This needs to change. Find My is amazing, but limited by not being on devices that need it.

AirBuddy is the Mac app that makes the most of your AirPods


This on-sale app lets you connect your AirPods to your Mac.
Mac owners: Get more from your AirPods with this discounted app.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

AirPods are some of the best wireless earbuds on the market. Once you use them with your iPhone, it’s hard to switch to something else. Unfortunately, all that AirPods magic doesn’t necessarily translate when you use Apple earbuds with a Mac.

There’s a workaround, though. The AirBuddy app adds some of that beautiful, Apple-style simplicity to the “using AirPods with a Mac” equation. And right now the Mac app is on sale for $6.29 with code DOWNLOADNOW.

Save on awesome accessories for all Apple devices this St. Patrick’s Day


Cult of Mac Store St. Patrick's Day sale
Use the code PATRICK at checkout.
Image: Elago/Cult of Mac

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by saving 20% on outstanding accessories for all your Apple devices in the Cult of Mac Store.

We’ve got cases, premium Apple Watch bands, do-it-all charging stands, sturdy in-car mounts, MacBook risers, and lots, lots more. Use the promo code PATRICK at checkout to take advantage of the discount today only.

This might be the coolest AirPods case money can buy [Review]


It looks like a tiny Macintosh!
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

UPDATE: Elago’s awesome W3 case, which makes your AirPods look like a tiny Macintosh, is now available for the latest (third-generation) AirPods and AirPods Pro. Read on for our full review.

AirPods won’t win any awards for their durability. Their shiny plastic case picks up scratches faster than a hip hop DJ’s latest vinyl. So you should protect them with a decent case.

And they don’t come much cooler than those from Elago. This one is like carrying a tiny little Macintosh with you wherever you go. And prices start at just $11.99.

Here’s our full review.

Honor’s new AirPods Pro-like earbuds will take your temperature


Honor's new Earbuds 3 Pro will sense temperature.
Honor's new Earbuds 3 Pro will sense temperature.
Photo: Honor

Fresh off its rollout of a smartphone that can charge wirelessly at 100W, Honor said at MWC 2022 it will offer new earbuds that monitor temperature. The new buds look like AirPods Pro. And temperature sensing is a function Apple has reportedly tested in AirPods.

The former Huawei subsidiary, based in China, said its new $199 Earbuds 3 Pro combine a temperature sensor with an AI temperature algorithm. It has an 80% chance of coming within plus or minus 0.3 degrees Celsius of an accurate reading, the company said.

Unclutter your desk with an invisible wireless iPhone charger


Free up a little desk space by putting your wireless charger under it.
Free up a little desk space by putting your wireless charger under it.
Photo: Choetech

If you suffer from a cluttered desktop — and who doesn’t, at least sometimes? — Choetech has something for you. Right now you can preorder its new Invisible Wireless Charger and take one more item off the junk pile.

Of course, unless you also suffer from some seriously magical thinking, you know it’s not literally invisible. But it does hide the charger under your desk so you can power up your iPhone or other Qi-enabled gadget right on the desktop without another piece of gear sitting there.

Learn to automate your home office like an IT pro [Setups]


After seven years working at home, Derek Seaman built this computer setup.
After seven years working at home, Derek Seaman built this computer setup.
Photo: Derek Seaman

Blogger Derek Seaman may be an IT systems architect in his day job, but he also designs and builds advanced computer setups. That is, if his home office is any indication. Which it is.

He shared his MacBook Pro-driven workstation — actually, the whole room — with Cult of Mac recently.