Access your desktop from anywhere with this remote working tool, 83% off

Access your desktop from anywhere with this remote working tool


Save 83% on this remote desktop subscription.
Work remotely easier with this discounted subscription.
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Being able to work remotely just as if you were in the office is essential to employment for many people today. Thankfully, there are some awesome tools out there that allow you to access your office desktop anywhere.

For example, the top-rated DeskRoll Remote Desktop Pro, which makes working from anywhere simpler than ever before. Even better, we found a two-year subscription to the service on sale for just $99. That’s an 83% discount off the regular price of $599.

Access your computer remotely

DeskRoll is essentially a browser-based remote control that allows you to access the desktop of another computer from, well, anywhere. All you need is an HTML5-compliant browser, and you’re set — no plugins or apps needed.

There are two huge uses for this. The first is for remote working. Whether you need to access your office computer from home or remotely use office infrastructure, this makes it easy and convenient.

The second great use of this tool is for providing remote assistance to colleagues and clients. Allowing you to access other desktops from anywhere, this innovative service allows you to safely connect to your client’s desktop and provide remote assistance, whether you are at home, traveling or on a public hotspot. And you can do it in as little as 30 seconds.

With DeskRoll, remote working really is remote. There’s never another reason to be tied to a physical office again. With features such as remote desktop control, file sharing, clipboard sync, built-in text chat, and incoming support request notifications, you can access the infrastructure you need and  provide full remote support.

Save on DeskRoll Remote Desktop

With secure connections and great everyday tools, it’s not a huge surprise that more than 20,000 IT professionals trust DeskRoll for reliable, secure remote working. Plus, it comes extremely highly rated, with an excellent 9.8 out of 10 score on TrustRadius, and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from users on G2.

Work from your desktop, wherever you are, with a two-year subscription to DeskRoll Remote Desktop Pro, on sale now for just $99 (83% off the regular price of $599).

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