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Stronger back glass is the only feature iPhone 14 should steal from Samsung S22


Stronger back glass is the only feature iPhone 14 should steal from Samsung S22
Apple should make it harder for this disaster to happen to the iPhone 14.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 series on Wednesday, and there’s not much for Apple users to be jealous of. The iPhone 13 series from 2021 is as good or better in almost every way.

But there is an exception. The latest Androids from Samsung are almost certainly less likely to break when dropped than iPhone. But the iPhone 14 can — and should — steal a feature from the S22 that will fix that.

Apple readies its ‘widest array’ of new products ever for this fall


Tim Cook is keeping quiet about Apple TV+ subscriber numbers for now.
Credit cards at the ready!
Photo: Apple

Apple is preparing to launch the “widest array” of new products in its history, according to a new report. This fall is expected to bring new iPhone models, a more affordable MacBook Pro, and big refreshes for iMac and Mac Pro.

That’s in addition to a “revamped” MacBook Air, new AirPods Pro, and lots more. Apple is also said to be preparing an iPhone SE refresh for this spring.

iPhone 14 non-Pro models might not get ProMotion displays after all


iPhone 13 Pro models get Apple's ProMotion display technology.
iPhone 13 Pro models have Apple's ProMotion display technology. But the two “standard” iPhone 14 models apparently won’t.
Photo: Apple

A reliable source shot down an earlier leak about the the two “standard’ iPhone 14 models including 120Hz ProMotion screens. This would have brought them closer in line with Apple’s Pro handsets that already have the feature.

This is an example of the challenges of making predictions about a handset that is still many months away.

Every iPhone 14 model might pack a ProMotion display and 6GB of RAM


Every iPhone 14 model will have a ProMotion display and 6GB of RAM
The standard iPhone 14 is expected to look much like the iPhone 13.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The displays in the two “standard” iPhone 14 versions will be upgraded to 120Hz ProMotion, according to a prediction by an industry analyst. And they supposedly will come with 50% more RAM.

There’ve been plenty of rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro models, so those interested in the two standard ones should be pleased to get some leaked details.

iPhone 14 Pro could pack strange ‘hole + pill’ screen cutout to replace notch


iPhone 14 Pro mockup with hole + pill cutout
Please don't, Apple.
Concept: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

iPhone 14 Pro will feature a strange “hole + pill design” for its front-facing camera and Face ID sensors rather than a notch, according to an analyst.

It was previously believed that Apple would use a hole punch cutout, like a lot of rival smartphone makers. Then that changed to a pill-shaped camera cutout. Now, one analyst, who has proven reliable in the past, says we should expect both.

iPhone 14 Pro concept shows possibilities of pill-shaped camera hole


iPhone 14 Pro concept shows possibilities of pill-shaped camera hole
If a recent rumor is on the mark, the device on the right is exactly what the iPhone 14 Pro will look like.

Rumor has it the iPhone 14 Pro will dump the screen notch for a pill-shaped camera hole. A concept artist turned the unconfirmed report into a possible design for Apple’s 2022 flagship phone.

He even put the additional screen space to good use.

iPhone 14 Pro could pack pill-shaped camera cutout, hidden Face ID sensors


iPhone 14 Pro with pill-shaped camera
It could look a little like this.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s bid to do away with the notch could lead to a pill-shaped camera cutout in its display, as well as hidden Face ID sensors, according to a tipster.

Recent rumors suggested that iPhone 14 will be the first to feature a “punch hole” camera cutout in its screen rather than current models’ notch. And though we initially assumed that would be circular — like those on Android devices — that may not be the case.

What to expect from iPhone 14 in 2022


What to expect from iPhone 14 in 2022
2022 should be a big year, bringing both the iPhone 14 series and the iPhone SE 3.
Graphic: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

2022 might bring some significant swings in Apple’s phone strategy. The “regular” iPhone 14 series reportedly will include a more affordable 6.7-incher in place of the 5.4-inch mini model. And the two upcoming iPhone Pro models could get rid of the notch, replacing it with a smaller alternative.

Plus, there allegedly will be a big improvement to the rear-facing camera, as well as other changes. And an iPhone SE 3.

iPhone could get periscope lens after 48-megapixel camera upgrade


iPhone camera
Periscope lenses could allow 10x optical zoom in iPhone 15.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

iPhone will get a periscope camera lens for the first time in 2023 after a 48-megapixel sensor upgrade next year, according to one analyst. The periscope lens should allow for significantly greater optical zoom.

A number of iPhone rivals are now using this technology to allow photographers to take more detailed snaps of their subjects. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra is capable of 10x optical zoom, while iPhone 13 Pro maxes out at 3x.

iPhone 14 Pro could pack 48-megapixel camera and 8GB of RAM


This iPhone 13 case is only about as thick as a business card.
For 8K video recording and improvement augmented reality.
Photo: SwitchEasy

Camera updates could again be a big reason to upgrade to the newest iPhone lineup next year, with Apple expected to pack new 48-megapixel sensors — by far its biggest to date — into iPhone 14 Pro.

The sensors would enable 8K video recording on iPhone for the first time, as well as provide greater augmented reality experiences. iPhone 14 Pro will also pack up to 8GB of RAM, according to one analyst.